If You Were My Girl lyrics

Aching to see the sun again
Aching to see your eyes
to see how they shine
They make this world a better place

Aching to see you smile again
Aching to hear you laugh
and say I'm not dreaming
When you caress my hair
Your touch so warm and gentle baby
Then I can see true happiness at last

Chorus x2
If you would be my girlfriend
Then I would be in heaven
Then I could do anything
I'd stand on my head and sing
If you my girl

I wish I could feel lips right now
Wish I could let my hand
Glide through your hair

I wish I could softly hold your hand
I wish I could tell you every dream
I wish I could tell you everything
that I feel

I wish I could tell you that
I need you here to kiss me baby
If only I could get my self to say

Hey, Hey..............


There are so many beautiful girls in the world
But there's only one girl that I want
And I've chosen today
that I can't ever stay
Unless I can stay here with you