I'm All About You lyrics

There's somethin'
I've got to say
You're always with me
Even though, you're far away
Talkin to you on my cell
Just the sound of your voice
Makes my heart melt
Oh girl, well it's true

I'm all about you
I'm all about us
No baby, you never have
To question my love
And every night
There's a new crowd
But it's always you
I'm singing about
There is only one these words
Are going out to

Oh girl, i'm all about you

I know you worry sometimes
Some other girl well make me
Forget your mine
There's not a doubt in this world
That anyone could take
The place of my number one girl

Repeat chorus

When i close my eyes
I can see you
It's like you are here
And this feeling is only getting stronger
Your with me everywhere

Repeat chorus

I'm all about you(x5