Summertime (Feat. The Baha Men) lyrics

So grab your stuff and let's all go outside
Bang your head to this tune in your ride
Leavin all your cares right behind (wats up)
For the summertime
Everybody's hyped to feel the vibe
Drinks are in a cooler chilled on ice
Lay back and unwind coz nothing else matters
For the summertime

I've been working real hard
For just one reason
I've been waiting all year
For just one season
The season that reminds me of palm trees
The smell of ocean breeze
And the sense of bein' free
Barbecues and pool parties
What I call fun
Hangin with the honeys and enjoyin' the sun
Spending four hours just to clean the Benz
So you can cruise down the boulevard with your friends

[Bridge](Baha Men)
Sights on the beach has got your mind blowin
Drinks on the chill, the money is flowin'
Right here is where you belong
So if you're down with me
Then get up and come along


*Slurp!* Ahh...
Had to take a sip on Mom's homemade
Freshly squeezed lemonade
Check out the honeys through my brand new shades
As they lay on the sand toppin' up on the tans
Take in the scenery
The mood is fine
Nobody's wearin' their watches
Nobody's checking the time
There's only one thing that's on everybodys mind
That's the summer, the summer, the summer time



(Baha Men)
Right now we're going to bring it to you one time
Bang your head to this tune in your ride
Leavin' all your cares right behind
Everybody is feelin' the vibe
Of the summer, of the summer

Bang your head to this tune in your ride (Bang your head)
Leavin' all your cares behind
Everybody is feeling the vibe
Of the summer, the summer time

Grab your stuff and let's go back inside
Then remove the tune that's in your ride
But didn't we have a good time?

[Baha Men]
Destinations home, that's where we're going
The drinks are gone and the cash stopped flowin'
Say goodnight to all of your friends
Coz when tomorrow comes we'll do it all again

[Chorus x2]