Neglekted lyrics

- dulli/mccollum -

I knew a girl, extraordinary
Suggested something, unsanitary
As i asked her for a moment
To consider her kind offer
She blew a kiss and said to me...

I know you know
You want it so
I want it too, so see it through
'cuz when i do what i'm gonna do to you
Make sure you remember my name

You know it's true
I want it too
I know you know, so make it so
'cuz when i do what i'm gonna do to you
You'll never ever, ever...

Intoxicated, by your aggression
I offer you my one possession
You can fuck my body, baby
But pleeze, don't fuck my mind

Get you high, girl, come with me
Take a ride in search of ecstasy
I wanna roll with ya, i wanna roll
I feel you now, i never knew
You were so sad, i'll make it up to you
'cuz i feel you now
I feel you now...