Can't Stop lyrics

Babyface and l.a. reid

Last night, i had the time of my life--
It's true
For last night, i made love for the very
First time
With you

I never knew love could be so sweet
It never made a difference to me
But ever since the day that you appeared
I'm telling you made the difference
Now love is so clear

And i can't stop (can't stop)**
How i feel
I'm diggin on you
You diggin on me
We diggin on we
And oh i can't stop (can't stop)
How i feel
I'm diggin on you
You diggin on me

Last night, you bought something special
Out of me
And for the first time
You made my dream a reality

I never though love was meant for me
For iwas blind and could not see
You bought about a love that's so sincere
And i'm telling you, you've made the
Now love is so sincere

Repeat chorus ** 4x

You've got me thinking that i need
Cause your love is so strong
I don't wanna do wrong
Girl your love seems like it's true
You just give me a call
And i'll give you my all

Repeat chorus