Reason 41 (live Kbfh) lyrics

"ok this is a song called reason 41.
One two three four"

Well i used to wonder why that
When it's black there is no white
And why that when it's day
There is never any night
I got talking to a soldier and he tried to set things right
He said, "if you want peace them you will always have to fight"

I went searching in the desert
Where it just began to rain
And i met up with this drunken bum who said he'd "lost his name"
He said, "i put it in this bottle and it drifted out to sea".
I said, "there is no water here" and he walked away from me

So then i asked for help from a very clever man
He kept looking down at his figures
He was a very busy man
I told him what the problem was he said, "that's sad. i'd like to help you boy but there is nothing i can add"


Now my throat was getting dry and i was feeling kinda rough
But i just kept on searching 'till that i'd had enough
I came across a doctor he said, "his cure was the best"
He diagnosed my troubles, but i didn't get no rest

"one more time"

Now i was really kind of puzzed
By the things that had been said
And all the people that i've mentioned started spinning round my head
I gave it up for lost and it suddenly was clear
The only reason you are there is 'cos i'm over here