Anything You Want lyrics

I use to think that
Love could never happen
To someone like me
Until i saw you walking next to me
Now i'm certain that anything can happen
But i need you to help me
Baby set me free

1 - anything you wanna do
I'll be right by your side
I'll be there to give you all the love you need
Morning, noon, and night

Repeat 1

Honey you know
I've been thinking
About some things we could do
How 'bout it, just me and you
Tell me what you been doing
I think we can get into it
Anything you wanna do
Baby it's up to you

I know it's alright
(i know)
The feeling is right
(i know this feeling so right)
I know it's ok
I'll show you the way
(anything that you wanna do)

Repeat 1
Repeat 1