No Question lyrics

Concentrate, listen to me, while you do me
Should i surrender when you pursue me
You think a man don't have heart and soul
When a hand's that good, anybody will fold
It's like poetry in motion
But the heart regulates the devotion
Love is floatin' in a sky blue ocean
Think about it
Feel the motion, young queen
It reminds me of a smoothed out movie scene
Two bodies intertwined on the screen
Everybody makes love in their dreams
But this is real, know what i mean
Passion is the way of the world
Electricity when boy meets girl
And making love is the key
A burning flame that will last eternally

You should know that i'm here for you
As long as you see me through
I would give all i have just to be with you
Don't you see honey it could be me and you

1 - i really look forward to being with you
When you're not around i don't know what to do
You give me a feeling that i can't control
You take my heart and soul

2 - never question what i do
Cause you need me baby and i need you
So there's no need for ya to have no fears
Without a doubt i will be here

Now i know what i want to do
Everything's all right as long as i'm with you
Oh, don't you understand i don't want to be alone
Baby don't you know

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Repeat 2

Never question
(you should never question)
Cause you need me baby
(yeah boy)
So there's no need for ya
Without a doubt i will be here

Repeat 2 until fade