Why Don't You Love Me? lyrics

Why am i lonely
You're sitting right here
Why am i talking
It's like i'm talking to the air
What am i looking for
That just isn't there
Why am i angry
How'd it get so bad
And why am i missing
What we
Never really had

Why don't you love me
The way i love you
Why don't you feel things
As deep as i do
We've got a fundamental difference
In matters of emotion
But i need to feel you need me
Like a river needs an ocean
Baby why don't you love me

Who am i kidding
It wasn't meant to be
But you wanted a believer
And i needed to believe
For every wall you built around you
I learned a brand new way to climb
And if i could've been your angel
I would've found a way to fly

I don't understand you
What's it take to make you cry
And if leaving you don't break you
Then baby what's it matter why