Get Some lyrics

This sickness it burns inside me
It sticks in my throat i'm gonna choke i cannot speak
Besides it runs the fear of the unknown
Could this be some reckoning
Wrath for wrong i've done, comin' back to haunt me
The god i have denied his power shown
But now i can't protest although defiant heart it pounds deep in my chest
I know that this will have its way with me
For now i choose to go
I know it's just the mind tryin' to interrupt my flow
Intentions all fall down
My soul has died
Now, this will not die they warned me in church when i was young i could rely
If there's a god, he's one i've never seen
& now i just lament
Did not held the threat i played the cards that i've been dealt
Like putting out the fire with gasoline
For when i used i lose won't face the fear of life without something abused
That now i'm forced to find another way
My show your final show
A homicide i tried to warn, you should have known
Now i'll take you with me
Show you my pain
Feed the need it's not greed, i figure so what
Can you fix the hole
That resides deep in this gut
I'll fix myself whatever it takes i cannot wait
Come & get it, come & get it, get some
I feed the need that twists my mind
Time & time again blah blah blah come & get it