Shake It Like A Dog lyrics


Do want to see them hoes make it jiggle, do you wanna see em make it bounce and
Make it wiggle. why don't you hit and the floor and shake it up, make it bounce
Make it work. now back that ass up. do want to see them hoes make it jiggle, do
You wanna see em make it bounce and make it wiggle. why don't you hit and the
Floor and shake it up, make it bounce make it work. now back that ass up.
Clowning around with them boys kane and abel, got my dj ??? mixing on the
Turntable and we bout to let you know how it goes in the city and ask anybody
How pnc be coming with it. new orleans is the city where i stay, but at any
Time only we could have a block party. hit the club later on, with 4 0r 5
Bitches, hit the stage grab the mike and knock the doors of the hinges

5th ward weebie:

Break me off shorty! don't forget about lil weebie, take it off shorty. work
For me shake for me, now pop it baby! once that booty start to wobble you can't
Stop it baby. you could do it again. you can tear it down fa me, show ya thong
Fa me. back it up, put it in reverse, and drive it home fa me! baby i know you
Love me, cuz our song be off the heezy. kane and abel hooked up with pnc and
Lil weebie.

Shake it like a dog(wobble baby, twerk it baby)
Break a nigga off(work it baby, serve me baby)

Kane and abel:

I wanna see you girls do it, bounce it, and get into it. i like the way you
Make yo booty jiggle when you move it. let me see how fast you can make it go.
I wanna get you butt-naked hoe and put you in my video. now turn around baby
Let me see you from the front, make you tiities drop i'm gettin hot i want
Some. now let me see you drop down gettin low, make that booty pop now, move it
Slow. pass that coochie to the left hand side, trick let me see you slide it,
Let me see you ride it. come on girl won't you take it off, now let's see if
You ain't trippin, won't you break me off. yo outfit is see through baby can i
Meet you. most wanna sneak you, but i just wanna freak you. most wanted on the
Mike, it's a right to go off. make it bounce, make it twerk now shake it like a



I'm from the city where they take it off. i'm talking women all colors straight
Break you off. she a pro, she a vet, watch her grab the wall. wobble with it,
Wiggle with it, shake it like a dog, like a dog. let me see ya pop pop pop pop
Pop. let me see ya shake shake shake shake shake. let me see ya back it up, let
Me see ya act it up. she a pro not a slut. that's the way she tear it up. now
Shake it like a dog, baby do what you do. ain't nothing wrong with yo back girl
Do what you do. skinny boy on a fat girl do what you do. pnc and kane and abel
Baby do what you do. you gotta problem with us dog well that's all on you. i
Don't think you want a problem, better chill with ya boo. let me get something
Straight, something clear with you. we wanna see these hoes wobble baby do what
You do.


5th ward weebie:

See them south coast boys make you shake it like dog. most wanted boys make you
Shake it like a dog. 5th ward weebie make you shake it like a dog. shake it
Like a dog, shake it like a dog. bounce with it, oh roll with it, shake with
It, oh pop with it. you gotta pop it baby, now work it baby, now serve it baby,
Come on and twirk it baby. you gotta bouce jiggy jiggy, bounce bounce, jiggy
Jiggy, bounce bounce, jiggy jiggy, bounce bounce, jiggy jiggy. whoa!