No Man's Land (spoken Piece) lyrics

Tell me, tell me
Don't, if you?
Stop that, that just upset yourself
Listen, listen, if you ask in person
I'll stick to the joke, you know
Yelling and sceaming, help me!

All that in the afternoon, for that matter
So she'd asked if we could stay with grace
Maybe a day or a couple of weeks
You know, until tuesday
Pick up my mushrooms
Clean my skin up
Pick up some tissue
Pick up the production
It's all fine! you know
And she served the wine
And cups for 3 or 4 people
And that nonsense

Gracie do her song, heavily spaced
All the pink shine on war
Explodes from beneath
Don't you would rather
Be out the front door sometime
Long ago instead of being
Cooped up like a catched rat?