Whenever You Fall lyrics

how many times must i fall to feel alive in this life
how many hills must i climd to see the light
when i sit amongst the clouds that blind my eyes

every book every fairytale and every fight that's ever failed
reminds me that you're everywhere i hear your name and every prayer that's been ordained
and every child who cries in vain are things i can't explain

whenever you fall my love will rain down
my world goes around and around for you
with arms open wide you'll be safe inside
i'll be the ground whenever you fall

how many roads must i walk to see a sign in this life
when will i fly to spreads my wings up to the sky if my faith in the river has run dry
and every blessing you bestow everywhere with me you go
when trouble comes how will i know help me let go
every book is a fairytale every fight that has prevailed
and every wish the angels hear reminds me that you care


and if the sun don't shine i'll be the light you'll find
i'll be the darkest of darkest nights
and as the road unwinds i'll be the stairs you climd
to the highest of highest