Identity Crisis lyrics

Image marred by selfinfliction
Private wars on my soul waged
Heart is scarred by dual volitions
Juxtaposed and both engaged
Kindle fame, a test of faith
Pray help me see it through
I put all my trust in you

Refine hate and love
Fall afresh on me
End this crisis of Identity

Draw this darkness out like poison
Stab, retrive, again decline
Help me drive the dagger deeper
Trace me with explicit line
Take this blade, a test of faith,
And strike me deep and true
I put all my trust in you

This is my voice, all shadows stayed
This is my heart, upon the alter laid
Please take all else away,
Hear my cry, I beg, I plead, I pray
I'll walk into the flame
A calculated risk to further bless your name
So strike me deep and true
And in your strenght I will live
And die both unto you.