Like Moths To Flame lyrics

once again these bitter herbs
the perfect compliments to all your cryptic words
i nod but dont know what to say but i know you
and i believe youre who you say you are so i...

i will follow you, lay down my life
i would die for you, this very night

once again the bread and wine
but it seems the meanings may be deeper still this
and you surprised me when you said id fall away
dont you know me
i could never be ashamed of you no i...

ive never been this cold, the fires gravity compels
like planets cling to soil, i feel my orbit start to fail
like moths to flame i come, too close and all my
oaths are burned
as stars begin to run all my accusers take their turn
and calling curses down, from my lips lies like poison
and then that awful sound the sound of prophesy
and then i met your eyes, and i remember everything
and something in me dies, the night that i betrayed
my king